Week 1

Breakfast 1:Spinach Feta Cheese Frittata

Breakfast 2:French Toast and sausage

Lunch 1:Caesar Salad

Lunch 2:Sausage & Peppers

Dinner 1:Mushroom Chicken w/Brown rice

Dinner 2:Jalapeno Popper Skillet

Week 2

Breakfast 1:American Breakfast

Breakfast 2:Denver Omelet

Lunch 1:Taco Salad

Lunch 2:Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

Dinner 1:Thai Peanut Chicken dish

Dinner 2:Chicken Nuggets w/dip sauces

Week 3

Breakfast 1:English Muffin sandwich 

Breakfast 2:Protein Pancakes

Lunch 1:Cranberry Chicken Feta Salad

Lunch 2:Chicken Tacos

Dinner 1:Pesto Chicken w/almonds

Dinner 2:Teriyaki Chicken

Week 4

Breakfast 1:Garbage Hash

Breakfast 2:Breakfast Burrito w/ salsa

Lunch 1:Buffalo Chicken Salad w/tortilla strips

Lunch 2:Beef and Broccoli w/ Brown rice

Dinner 1:Fajitas 

Dinner 2:Stir Fry

Week 5

Breakfast 1:Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast 2:Breakfast Scramble

Lunch 1:Caesar Salad

Lunch 2:Enchiladas 

Dinner 1:Artichoke Spinach Chicken 

Dinner 2:Penne Pasta w/ Italian Sausage

Week 6

Breakfast 1:French Toast 

Breakfast 2:Lumberjack Breakfast

Lunch 1:Chef Salad 

Lunch 2:Char Siu Pork w/Edamame & brown rice 

Dinner 1:Creamy Spinach Chicken

Dinner 2:Garlic Parmesan meatballs

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Week 1

Breakfast 1: Veggie, Egg & Cheese Scramble

Breakfast 2: Steak & Egg Burrito Bowl

Lunch 1: Buffalo Chicken Salad

Lunch 2: Keto Fajitas 

Dinner 1: Jalapeno Popper Skillet

Dinner 2: Grilled Lemon Chicken w/ veggies

Week 3 

Breakfast 1: Artisanal Scrambled eggs

Breakfast 2: Denver Omelet

Lunch 1: Keto Broccoli Salad

Lunch 2: Artichoke Spinach Chicken

Dinner 1: Keto Burrito Bowls 

Dinner 2: Tahini Skewers 

Week 2

Breakfast 1: Keto Frittatas 

Breakfast 2: Fat Bomb(eggs,bacon,avocado,cheese) 

Lunch 1: Cilantro Ranch Salad

Lunch 2:Sausage & Peppers w/ Cali rice

Dinner 1: Garlic Parmesan Meatballs

Dinner 2: Kielbasa Bowls 

Week 4

Breakfast 1: Breakfast Scramble

Breakfast 2: Chorizo & Eggs 

Lunch 1: Taco Salad

Lunch 2: King Ranch Chicken

Dinner 1: Pesto Chicken w/ Green beans

Dinner 2: Meatballs & Marinara 

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